Adobe InDesign CS6 - Part 1

Adobe ® InDesign ® CS6 course gives you all the tools you need to give your documents a well-designed, professional look, including Paragraph and character styles, layout features, and customized text and graphics.

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Learning Objectives

In this course you will:

  • Identify the elements of the InDesign interface.
  • Create a new document.
  • Customize a document by using graphics, colors, and styles.
  • Manage page elements.
  • Build a table.
  • Prepare a document for delivery.


    Course Details

    Course Outline

    1 - Getting Started with InDesign
  • Identify Components of the InDesign Interface
  • Customize the InDesign Interface
  • Use the Navigation Controls
  • Set Preferences
  • 2 - Designing a Document
  • Create a New Document
  • Add Text to a Document
  • Add Graphics to a Document
  • 3 - Customizing a Document
  • Format Characters and Paragraphs
  • Apply Colors, Swatches, and Gradients
  • Create and Apply Styles
  • 4 - Working with Page Elements
  • Arrange and Align Objects
  • Use Layers
  • Transform and Manipulate Objects
  • Thread Text Frames
  • Edit Text
  • 5 - Building Tables
  • Create a New Table
  • Modify a Table Structure
  • Format a Table
  • 6 - Preparing a Document for Delivery
  • Resolve Errors in a Document
  • Print a Document
  • Package a Document
  • Export Files for Printing
  • Export Files for the Web
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    Who is it For?

    Target Audience

    Adobe InDesign CS6 - Part 1

    Course Length : 2 Days

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