Семинари и уебинари в учебен център Ню Харайзънс България


Ню Харайзънс България организира семинари, уебинари и учебни сесии по актуални теми, които имат за цел представяне на нови версии на продукти, обсъждане на казуси от практиката, споделяне на добри решения.

Семинарите се провеждат от квалифицирани лектори, с дългогодишен опит и доказани компетенции в съответната сфера. Учебните сесии са възможност за запознаване с различни технологии, допълване на познанията, обмяна на опит с други специалисти в дадена област.

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Уебинар: Setting Up a Privacy Management Program

20 октомври 2020 г., вторник, 20:00 ч.
Виртуална класна стая

Лектор: Dallas Bishoff, Security Instructor, Managing Director, Manus360

With the advent of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and worldwide similar initiatives organizations have an ever-increasing demand for privacy talent, who can establish and administrate a privacy program. This webinar will explore the market drivers, as well as the current approaches to include privacy frameworks (NIST Privacy Framework, ISO 29100 Privacy Framework, etc.), the evolving roles in the world of privacy (Data Protection Officers, Chief Privacy Officers, Privacy Engineers, and technologist), and where the world of privacy management is headed. If you are looking for a new career field, or trying to pick a career area with huge momentum and upside this may be the career move for you.

Уебинар: Rust Never Sleeps: Managing Today’s Cybersecurity Attack Surface

21 октомври 2020 г., сряда, 20:00 ч.
Виртуална класна стая

Лектор: Dr. James Stanger, PhD, Chief Technology Evangelist, CompTIA

Dr. Stanger will discuss how successful cybersecurity management has parallels with managing a rusty car in the rainy Pacific Northwest. If rust never sleeps, then neither can a cybersecurity professional when it comes to managing today’s attack surface. James will discuss how, with the genesis of governance, risk management, and compliance, there are now three major perspectives concerning managing cybersecurity. Finally, James will discuss the importance of increasing visibility, as well as the increasing role of cybersecurity threat intelligence and threat profiling.

Уебинар: An Introduction to VMware Carbon Black: Are You Ready for Cyber-Attacks?

22 октомври 2020 г., четвъртък, 20:00 ч.
Виртуална класна стая

Лектор: Ruth Cappezone, Senior Technical Trainer, VMware

As businesses and organizations continue to see a surge of cybersecurity threats during COVID-19, how prepared are you for a cyber-attack? The transition from in-office and home office is far from over and this informative webinar will highlight remote access inefficiencies, VPN vulnerabilities and other security challenges. Watch a demo of VMware Carbon Black's frame work and get a taste of what this platform can do for you. From Carbon Black App control to Carbon Black response, see how VMware's Carbon Black Cloud (and cybersecurity training!) go hand-in-hand when combating cybercrime.

Уебинар: CyberQ CTF – A Hacker Simulation Experience

27 октомври 2020 г., вторник, 20:00 ч.
Виртуална класна стая

Лектор: Steve Graham, Senior VP of EC-Council Global

Help your organization understand how to best manage a hacking event. EC-Council will walk you through a simulated experience from a business scenario perspective. Understand roles and responsiveness and how to best manage your organization when you experience a hacking event. Experience EC-Council’s newest Pretesting Certification and learn more about; CyberQ CTF and how it can help you and your employees respond quickly and effectively. Help your business combat hackers to create a secure and safe workplace.

Уебинар: End-User Security During a Pandemic

29 октомври 2020 г., четвъртък, 20:00 ч.
Виртуална класна стая

Лектор: Joseph Childrose, New Horizons Instructor

Covid-19 has presented a number of challenges for security professionals over the course of 2020. One of the most important challenges surrounding end-user security is the shift to remote work and the increase in personal device usage. End-user security has become more difficult to effectively manage and, more importantly, maintain. Security professionals are tasked with managing and mitigating existing threats to systems and data while dealing with novel threats related to remote work.

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